Port Reception Facillities

Port reception facilities are important in order to reduce the discharge of ship-generated waste and cargo residues into the sea, prevent marine pollution and enhance the protection of the marine environment. Port authorities must ensure the availability of port reception facilities adequate to meet the needs of the ships normally using the port without causing undue delay to ships. Port authorities are also responsible for developing waste reception and handling plans whose main purpose is to ensure the adequacy of port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues. Further information about waste reception and handling plans, as well as waste fees, can be received from the revelevant port authorities.

Reporting of alleged inadequate port reception facilities

If reception facilities for waste in a port are found to be inadequate, the ship's Master should bring the alleged inadequacy to the attention of the port authority concerned. For ships that wish to make a report, the provided reporting format should be sent to the relevant port authority, the ship's flag State and the Environment Agency of Iceland as soon as possible.

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