Sulphur content of marine fuels

Maximum allowed sulphur content of marine fuels in Iceland and the Icelandic Pollution Prevention Zone is as follows:

Fuel type

Max allowed S content (% by mass)

Marine fuel


Marine diesel oil


Marine gas oil


Other gas oil


Heavy fuel oil (not used as marine fuel)



Ships can use emission abatement methods as an alternative to using marine fuels that meet the above requirements. The emission abatement methods shall comply with the criteria specified in the instruments referred to in Annex II to Directive 2012/33/EU.

Passenger ships on regular service to EU ports shall not use marine fuels with a sulphur content exceeding 1,5% by mass.

Ships at berth shall not use marine fuels with a sulphur content exceeding 0,1% by mass, or when possible, use onshore power supply.

In Iceland, Directive 2012/33/EU as regards the sulphur content of marine fuels, is transposed into Regulation No. 124/2015.

In Iceland, Directive 98/70/EU regarding the quality of petrol and diesel fuel along with Directive 2009/30/EU regarding the quality of fuel, are transposed into Regulation No. 960/2016. The regulation concerns vehicles used on roads and movable machines to be used outside roads.

The Environment Agency of Iceland must follow up on the execution of Regulation No. 960/2016. Suppliers shall provide the Agency with the results of testing from an accredited laboratory regarding parameters listed in the Annexes of the regulation. These tests are done on samples from each shipment of fuel imported to Iceland and report shall be sent to the Environment Agency of Iceland before the 1st of March each year for the preceding year. Suppliers shall also send a report on the greenhouse gas intensity from fuel and energy provided in Iceland before the 1st of February each year for the preceding year, starting in 2018. These reports must be certified by an impartial certification body that the Environment Agency of Iceland approves.

According to Article 10 in regulation no. 124/2015 as regards the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels, the Environment Agency shall keep a list of all suppliers in Iceland and publish the list on its webpage.

Fuel suppliers in Iceland are:

Atlantsolía ehf.

Lónsbraut 2

220 Hafnarfjörður

Tel: +(354) 591 3100



N1 hf.

Dalvegi 10-14

201 Kópavogur

Tel: +(354) 440 1000



Olíuverzlun Íslands hf.

Katrínartúni 2

105 Reykjavík

Tel: +(354) 515 1000



Skeljungur hf.

Borgartúni 26

105 Reykjavík

Tel: +(354) 444 3000


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