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Emptying Portable Toilets

Tips for emptying portable toilets

Waste from portable toilets contains bacterias and chemicals that can have harmful effects on health and the environment.

  • Only dispose of lavatory waste at designated dump stations.
  • Never use a fresh water hose to rinse drains or portable toilets.
  • Use gloves or hand sanitisers to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Portable toilets are only for pee, poo and paper. Only use toilet paper that is suitable for portable toilets.
  • Use ecological and biodegradable cleaning products. Avoid using chlorine or cleaning products that have formaldehyde or phosphate. 
  • If possible, empty kitchen and shower water in other designated dump stations than for lavatory waste.

Dumping stations in Reykjavík area

  • Sewage treatment plant at Klettagarðar 14, 104 Reykjavík  (open map)
  • Sewage treatment plant at Hraunavík, 221 Hafnjarfjörður (open map)