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CPNP - Cosmetic Products Notification Portal 

Prior to placing a cosmetic product on the marked in the EEA the responsible person or his/hers agent shall notify the product into the CPNP of EU. The following information shall be notified: 

General information 

  • Category and the products name. 
  • Name and address of the responsible person. 
  • Country of origin in the case of import into the EEA.
  • The country within the EEA in which the product is to be placed on market. 
  • Photographs of the cosmetic product/packaging. 
  • Photographs of labels or of text on the packaging. 

Chemical information

  • Predefined frame formulation, exact concentration or concentration ranges of substances in the product. 
  • Information of CAS or EC number of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic (CMR) if present in the product. 
  • Information of substances in the form of nanomaterials if present in the product. 

See user manual for notifications in CPNP and further information of the notification in Article 13 of the EC regulation.