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RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system that facilitates the rapid exchange of information between EU states and the European Commission on measures taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers. The product may need to be withdrawn from the market, recalled from consumers or warnings are needed. 

According to Article 5 of the Icelandic chemical Act, No. 61/2013, the Environmental Agency of Iceland plays the role of notifying products and viewing notification of products in RAPEX. The Agency regularly prepares a list of illegal cosmetic products in RAPEX, focusing on products originated from neighbouring countries in Europe, USA, Canada and China, or have been banned in these countries. The agency publishes the lists on the website and sends to the main importers of cosmetic products in Iceland, thus promoting non-health and even illegal cosmetics in the market in Iceland.

If cosmetic products on the list turn out to be on the Icelandic market it is requested that it is notified to the Environmental Agency of Iceland through this web page or by the e-mail to