Vatnshellir Cave


In autumn 2009 it was decided to make the Vatnshelli accessible while closing it and controlling public traffic. Many have come to partake in this work and is a good example of effective cooperation between government agencies, community, organizations and individuals.

The Environment Agency of Iceland and Snæfellsbær did provide capital and labor, and men from Lionsclub Nesþinga (Hellissandi), rescueteam Lífsbjörg in Snæfellsbær and other individuals have made voluntary contributions. In accordance with parks conservation plan, the Environment Agency decided to start Vatnshelli-program, deeming it a golden opportunity to promote education and increase knowledge of the value of caves and other natural monuments, promoting them and at the same time protecting them. Furthermore, the purpose was to improve access to yet another of natures pearls in the park.

Visitors can not go into the cave unless in guided tours.

The Environment Agency opened Vatnshelli in mid-June 2010 and it was visited by 1600 visitors that summer. Tours of the cave will be offered every day in the summertime.


Guided cave tours in Vatnshellir

Guided tours at 11pm,12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm from October 1st until May 15th and every hour on the hour from 10am to 6pm from May 15th until September 30th.The tour takes appr. 45 min. For futher information please call (354) 665 2818. 

Warm clothing is neccessary and hiking boots and gloves are recommended. Helmets and lights are provided.

Price: adults 3750 IKR per person,
Teenagers (12-17 years old) 1500 IKR,
Children (5-11 years old) free of charge.

The cave is situated in the south slopes of Purkhólahraun lava flow, north of Malarrif, by road 574. Parking is by the road. Toilets are available for visitors.