Union registry

The Union Registry is a forum where companies and individuals can establish accounts to hold allowances, issued according to directive 2003/87/EU. Aircraft operators that fall under the scope of the directive are required to establish an aircraft operator holding account from which they can surrender allowances to fulfill their obligations regarding emissions. The Union Registry works in a similar way as an online banking system does as companies and individuals can transfer allowances between them according to purchase agreements. Companies and individuals that have not received allocation according to the above mentioned directive, can acquire allowances through auctions, exchanges or from owners of allowances through over the counter trade.

Further information regarding the establishment of account can be found in the tabs above and the information form is here.

The registries system composed of the EU ETS registries and the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL) is at the core of the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The registries system ensures the accurate accounting of all allowances issued under the EU ETS and keeps track of the ownership of allowances in the same way as a banking system keeps track of the ownership of money.

Non-confidential information of accounts and account holders are available on the website of the system.

The revised ETS Directive adopted in 2009 provides for the centralisation of the ETS operations into a single European Union registry. This new registry will be operated by the Commission and will replace all EU ETS registries currently hosted in the Member States.

The EU registry will be used by more than 25,000 end-users (e.g. operators, traders). All transactions taking place in the registry will be subject to the approval of the European Union Transaction Log (EUTL), the successor of the CITL.

National Administrator in Iceland

Iceland is a member of the Union Registry and the National Administrator, the Environmental Agency of Iceland, takes care of all account applications. The application process involves a procedure at the Union registry’s website as well as delivery of documents to the Environmental Agency. More detailed description regarding the application process can be found in the tabs above.

For further information contact: ets-registry@ust.is