Emptying Portable Toilets


Open map of disposal stations

The map shows all the portable toilets disposal sites in Iceland. Click one location and you can see information and the location of the disposal site.

Dumping stations in the Capital area

  • Sewage treatment plant at Klettagarðar 14, 104 Reykjavík  (open map)
  • Sewage treatment plant at Hraunavík, 221 Hafnjarfjörður (open map)

Tips for emptying portable toilets

Waste from portable toilets contains bacteria and chemicals that can have harmful effects on health and the environment.

  • Only dispose of lavatory waste at designated disposal stations.
  • Never use a freshwater hose to rinse drains or portable toilets.
  • Use gloves or hand sanitizers to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Portable toilets are solely for pee, poo and paper. Only use toilet paper that is suitable for portable toilets.
  • Use ecological and biodegradable cleaning products. Avoid using chlorine or cleaning products that have formaldehyde or phosphate.
  • If possible, empty kitchen and shower water in other designated disposable stations than for lavatory waste.