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Long term placement

This programme is designed for volunteers who want to spend 10 weeks in the wilderness, visiting and doing projects in several protected areas around Iceland, including the highlands. It represents the heart of our activities. The Environmental Agency recruits directly the volunteers between February and March each year (See the links below). The placement starts at the beginning of June with a  training week programme in footpath maintenance and design, using stones and timber.

The application deadline is 26th of February 2023

Trail Teams will do projects involving building, repairing and maintaining small bridges, boardwalks, drains and stone steps in remote natural trails. Trail Team support the activities of local rangers, take part in wilderness restoration actions, such as the removal of invasive plants and obliteration of tracks left by illegal off-road driving. 
Pictures of the work done by the volunteers are available on our Facebook page


Dates for the summer of 2023 are: 

Trail team group 1: 4th June – 12th August

Trail team group 2: 11th June – 19th August

For further information and to submit an application, please visit the following links: