Eldborg in Hnappadalur

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A very beautifully shaped volcanic crater. It is oval, 200 m long and 50 m in depth. Two eruptions have occurred there, the latter most likely during the Settlement Age.

The natural monument covers an area of 125 ha.


Eldborg is in the middle of the Eldborgarhraun lava field in Hnappadalur, 38 km north of Borgarnes. A hiking trail runs from Snorrastaðir through the scrub-grown lava, 3.4 km. There are tourist services in Snorrastaðir, with a parking lot and toilet facilities. The area is open year-round, but access can be difficult with heavy snow and so caution should be exercised. The area is managed by the Environment Agency of Iceland; there is year-round land protection by Eldborg.

Rules of Conduct

  • Changes to the land, construction and disturbances to the ground are prohibited.
  • Hikers are allowed in the area, but all visitors must exercise caution to prevent damage to the vegetation or relics. Visitors are encouraged to use the marked hiking trails on the slopes of the craters and elsewhere, where appropriate.
  • All vehicle traffic is prohibited.
  • All horse traffic in the area is subject to permission, and grazing is strictly prohibited.
  • Livestock grazing may be restricted if deemed necessary due to the vegetation of the area. Fences must be erected in consultation with the locals.

General access to the area is permitted. Observe good conduct and be respectful of nature and other visitors.