Dima in Lon

Díma í Lóni was protected as a natural monument in 1975. Díma is a rock hill on the outwash plain of Jökulsá í Lóni, with diverse vegetation. The rock cluster Díma is a landmark between the farms Stafafell and Þórisdalur. Díma was protected as a natural monument in 1975 and fenced off.

Díma has clearly long been an island in Jökulsá and has signs of being eroded by the river. There is a vertical promontory to the north, where the river flows today. The west, south and east sides of the rock cluster are also very steep, and the only passable way up to it is from the southwest, from the levee that connects Díma to Dalsfjall.

The natural monument covers an area of 6.4 ha.