Galgahraun, Gardabaer

The aim of the Gálgahraun protection area is to preserve the northernmost part of Búrfellshraun, the part of the lava flow that flowed into the sea, both for the geological formations and the ecosystem. Furthermore, the aim of the protection is to preserve Gálgahraun as a site for nature viewing and education for years to come.

Gálgahraun, Garðabær, was protected as a nature reserve in the Official Journal B. No. 877/2009.

The nature reserve covers an area of 108.2 ha.

The area’s protection value lies in the fact that the protected area in Gálgahraun in this area is mostly unspoiled. Where the lava field’s edge juts into the sea, the erosive forces of the large, pounding waves has been minimal in the bays Arnarnesvogur and Lambhúsatjörn, and the lava field is mostly unchanged from when it flowed. The premise for the protection are geological formations, vegetation, birdlife and cultural heritage, as the lava field contains an ancient road, Fógetagata, and an ancient place of execution, Gálgaklettur, for which the lava field is named.

When deciding on the protection, the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern 1979) was taken into account, pursuant to The Official Journal C 17/1993, Convention on Biological Diversity (Rio de Janeiro 1992), pursuant to The Official Journal C 3/1995 and the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar 1971), pursuant to The Official Journal C 1/1978.