Kaldarhraun and Gjarnar

Kaldárhraun and Gjárnar in Hafnarfjörður were protected as a natural monument in 2009. The aim of the protection of Kaldárhraun and Gjárnar is to protect pahoehoe lava formations and beautiful cave formations in the western lava channel from the famous volcano Búrfell.

Kaldárhraun is a more or less uncracked and undisturbed pahoehoe lava field in a popular outdoor activities area by Helgafell; the lava field originated from in craters east of the northern part of Gvendarselshæð. Kaldárhraun is one of the last examples of uncracked pahoehoe lava on Hafnafjörður’s land, and the educational and outdoor activities value of the area is high. The area has ancient remains of sheep-related structures, including an old road, Kaldárstígur.

The nature reserve covers an area of 208.9 ha.