Einkunnir, Borgarbyggd

Einkunnir in Borgarbyggð was protected as a country park in 2006. The aim of the protection is to preserve geological formations and wetlands for outdoor activities, nature viewing and education for the general public. The protection promotes the preservation of geological diversity.

Einkunnir are rock clusters surrounded by bogs, but also a lake, a pond and streams. Forestry has long been practiced in the area, and there is now an ample forest there.

The area’s name, Einkunnir, appears in Egils Saga. Proximity to urban areas and easy access makes the area ideal for education and outdoor teaching.

General access to the area is allowed provided that visitors conduct themselves properly. Damaging vegetation or geological formations and disturbing wildlife is prohibited. Livestock grazing and the use of firearms is prohibited.

Country parks are protected at the municipality’s initiative. A committee of three appointed by the Borgarbyggð town council handles the management of the area according to an agreement with the Environment Agency of Iceland. Planting trees and thinning of the forest is handled by Borgarfjörður Forestry.

The country park covers an area of 265.9 ha.

Yfirlitsteikning af friðlýsta svæðinu