Outdoor activities and hiking trails

Within the nature reserve are hiking trails that suit everyone, and some of them are marked on the nature reserve brochure map. Hikers are asked to keep the following in mind:

Always follow the trail if there is one, and do not hike into sensitive areas where fragile nature is being protected.

The rock is very loose, and all climbing is dangerous. It is best to follow mountain ridges or the bottom of canyons. Streams and rivers are common. Take special care around hot springs in order to avoid stepping in hot mud or water. Vegetation fields should be avoided, as they are often marshland and become muddied quickly.

The temperature in the highlands can change rapidly due to wind, and therefore, you should always have protective clothing at hand. The area’s most popular hiking trail that lies from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk is the Laugarvegur. Cabin accommodations are available in Hrafntinnusker, by Álftavatn and in Botnar á Emstrum. Arrangements for cabin accommodation on the way should be made in advance.

Hikers are encouraged to log their itinerary in SafeTravel when planning longer hikes. There you will also find all information on weather, passability and road conditions in the highlands.